Hoozya Daddy

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Looking to learn more about Ya Daddy? Well you've come to the right place. Daddy has been rocking the Lehigh Valley music scene since mid 2006. With most of the original founding members moving on to other projects, the bands current lineup is the best it's ever been. While we sorely miss the Daddies that have come before us, we just LOVE our current setup. The Daddies are CLEARLY comfortable on stage and each of us loves performing for a crowded bar. There's never any doubt that Daddy is having fun. As much fun as we're having, is as serious as we take the music. Chris and Mike hold up a rock solid rhythm section leaving guitar player Steve free to share some crazy riffs and new Steve to bring out those unique keyboard tones... all while maintaining the closest interpretation to the original artists recordings. 


Originating from Brooklyn USA, Mike left the hustle and bustle of city life more then 25 years ago to experience the peace and quiet of Eastern PA. Since THAT wasn't going to happen, Mike decided to join a band and make enough noise that NO ONE was going to enjoy peace and quiet. Handling a good portion of the lead vocals, and holding the bottom end down are his primary responsibilities but he's also good for a laugh... every now and then. 


The band's only official Veteran, Steve left the Air Force a number of years ago and picked up a guitar instead. Dedicating significant time to learning the lead guitar solos with the exact precision of the original artist's intention has become his specialty. His unique vocals also add a layer of authenticity to the groups sound. Whether it's Eddie Van Halen, Dicky Betts, or Johnnie Ramone; you can be sure Steve will have the riff mastered. 


On the skins, we have Chris Sokolsky. Chris's percussive stylings are the driving force of the band. His ROCK solid timing and absolute control keep the band on course every show. Living by the motto "If it ain't loud, it ain't ROCK", Chris definitely makes sure... it's ROCK!


Hoozya Daddy’s newest member, but also the oldest, Steve started off his musical career as a keyboard player almost 50 years ago.  He switched to playing the bass guitar for several years and then returned to the keyboards.  He had played in another band with Steve Mundrane in the late 90’s and was asked if he’d like to kick it with Hoozya Daddy in 2012.  Besides rounding out the sound with his backup vocals, he adds another dimension to the band with a myriad of instrumentals from the keyboard.